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Other welded structural parts of lifting machine

Other welded structural parts of lifting machine

Turn to use welding body for connection,The steering shaft sleeve is made of special materials,Durable wear resistance,The safety factor is improved.

●  Main farameter

Maximum platform height 14m
Maximum load 450KG
Maximum width 1780mm
Maximum length 2700mm

●  The Main Feaures Of The Crank Arm Series

The front axle and rear axle are processed after welding,Improve the accuracy of the product and balance of the four rounds;

The whole structure is mainly sheet metal welding,The rear axle adopt u-shaped structure,High bearing strength;

Safety coefficient being improved, front axle wheel structure, double oil cylinder, fully improve product to flexibility;

Double battery installed on both sides, drive more durable;

01 Many varieties

Keep pace with the times and continuously supply market demand products to customers

More than 3000 types of axles are available for reference: commercial vehicle tubular front axle, forged front axle, drum axle, disc axle, steam brake axle, hydraulic brake front and rear axle, etc; McPherson independent front suspension system of passenger car; Agricultural machinery 2WD tractor bridge, 4WD tractor bridge, wheat machine steering bridge, corn machine steering bridge, etc.

02 Low price

Axle products are cost-effective

Yihe axle company's market competition strategy: the same price to quality, the same quality to price. The cost control of axle products is reasonable, large-scale production, and the axle industry can achieve excellent products and low prices。

03 Fast supply

The daily production capacity of the production line is more than 8000 sets

3 front axle assembly lines for micro truck and light truck, 2 front axle assembly lines for medium truck and 2 front axle assembly lines for heavy truck; 2 main reducer lines and independent front suspension lines of automobile rear axle; The two-wheel drive tractor bridge assembly line, four-wheel drive tractor bridge assembly line, harvester steering bridge assembly line and chassis assembly line have all realized streamlined operation, with a daily output of more than 8000 sets.

04 quality

Take charge of axle quality and prevent defective products from leaving the factory

Technology continues to upgrade: Japanese and German experts are hired for on-site guidance, and the front axle has obtained German TUV certification
Equipment is constantly updated: 20 million yuan is invested every year to introduce advanced equipment such as automatic processing center and intelligent welding robot to build a digital intelligent factory
Preferred outsourcing manufacturers: international and domestic well-known brands such as webco, Nanjing Kangmai, Knorr, etc

05 Fast service

Win win cooperation and help Chinese auto brands move towards the world

Sales and service networks are all over the country, with more than 150 sales and service personnel. Market issues are based on the principle of "nearby service". Main customers of axle: BAIC Futian, heavy truck, Shaanxi Automobile, JAC, Chang'an, FAW, Dongfeng, Geely, Universiade, BYD, Jinbei, Tang Jun, Ouling, Wuzheng, John Deere, Kubota, lexing, etc., including almost all large and small main engine plants using axle in China.

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