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What is the golden power chain for trucks made in China?

Release date:Jul 09,2021 Source:Yihe Axle 

         Is it difficult to build a truck in China? It's not hard to. Because there is a good nanny in China's truck industry - Golden Power Chain. Golden power chain refers to the combination of Weichai engine + Fastet gearbox + Yihe axle power chain.

         Before we talk about the history of Golden Power Chain, we have to mention the Steyr Heavy Truck Manufacturing Technology Import Project, which is a milestone in the history of Chinese truck development. In 1983, China introduced a full set of Austrian Steyr heavy truck manufacturing technology, including the Steyr WD615 engine, Eaton gearbox, Steyr axle, the core of the three major sets of technology.

          Weifang Diesel Engine Factory, the predecessor of Weichai, was responsible for the production of Steyr WD615 engines, which established Weichai's dominant position in China's truck industry in the future. Subsequently, weichai has become the first brother of commercial vehicle engines in China through its own efforts.


The contribution of the golden power chain

       The ability to be labeled "gold" has demonstrated the superb quality and value of this power system. Gold power chain has three contributions to the development of China's commercial vehicles axle company

        The first major contribution, to promote the domestic commercial vehicle power upgrade. Take trucks as an example. Before the emergence of the golden power chain, the maximum horsepower of Chinese trucks was still below 300, and they had been in a state of "small horses and big cars" for a long time. If the engine's horsepower is not up, automotive axles efficient logistics and transportation will be out of the question, which is inconsistent with the social and economic development in the early years of the new millennium in China.

       The appearance of gold power chain makes the maximum horsepower of Chinese truck axles  exceed 300, creating a true sense of heavy trucks, and laying a solid foundation for future logistics efficiency. Since then, no matter in horsepower upgrade or emission upgrade, the gold power chain has been leading the trend, highlighting its "gold" nature.

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