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What are the technical requirements for the front axle?

Release date:Jul 26,2021 Source:Yihe Axle 

Technical requirements for the front axle: the front axle of the car is connected by the suspension frame, and the wheels are installed at both ends.
Because the front wheels are subjected to vertical forces and vertical reactions and the bending moments formed by them (because both of these forces must be transmitted by the front axle);
The horizontal direction of the road J resistance and lateral braking force and its formation of the horizontal direction of the bending moment;
The torque and other forces caused by the brake force need to pass through the front axle to the suspension, and then transferred to the frame, so the front axle has the following requirements must have enough strength and stiffness, to ensure reliability: bear and transfer the maximum force between the wheel and the frame.
The friction between the knuckle and the kingpin and the front axle should be minimized.
Should keep the correct wheel positioning Angle and appropriate steering Angle, so as to ensure the stability of the car and the handling of light, reduce tire wear, in order to extend the service life of the front axle.
When the bending deformation of the front bridge is tested, cold pressure correction should be made on the press.
When the cold calibration fails to reach the purpose, it can be corrected after local heating, and the calibration must be repeated to check until it meets the standards of the original model. Cold pressure calibration is generally carried out with testing equipment.

1t axle
There are many methods and types of correction.
When the front axle is bent or twisted, the thermal calibration method can be used.
That is, the front shaft part of the local heating to 500~600°C, manual correction.
In addition, the front shaft hydraulic calibrator can also be used to calibrate. This calibrator can be checked positive-sum at the same station. The calibration quality is guaranteed and the production efficiency is improved.
Check the amount of wear before the leaf spring seat, should be first with a knife to the leaf spring seat plane burr, in order to ensure the measurement accuracy. The steel ruler is placed in different directions of the leaf spring seat, and the flatness error of the seat plane is measured with the thickness gauge. If the flatness error is too large, it should be repaired.
Surfacing can be used when the thickness is reduced by 2min compared with the standard thickness. It is required that the flatness error of the repaired leaf spring seat is not greater than 0.25, and the flatness error of the two mm seats is not greater than 0.8mm.

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