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There are many varieties of automobile axles

Release date:Jun 03,2021 Source:Yihe Axle 

Keep pace with The Times, and constantly supply the market demand for axle products to customers
Yihe Axle has more than 3000 varieties of various axles for reference: commercial tubular front axles, forged front axles, drum axles, disc axles, steam brake axles, fluid brake front and rear axles, etc. McPherson type independent front suspension system of passenger car; Agricultural machinery two-drive tractor bridge, four-drive tractor bridge, steering bridge of wheat machine, steering bridge of corn machine, etc.

The supply of axles is fast

3 front axle lines of micro truck and light truck, 2 front axle lines of medium truck and 2 front axle lines of heavy truck; Car rear axle main reduction line, independent front suspension line 2; Two-drive tractor bridge assembly line, four-drive tractor bridge assembly line, steering bridge assembly line of harvesting machinery and chassis assembly line have all realized streamlining operation, with a daily production capacity of more than 8,000 sets.


Win-win cooperation will help Chinese automobile brands go global

Sales, service network all over the country, sales and service personnel more than 150 people, the market problem to the "nearest service" as the principle. Main customers of Axle: BAIC Foton, Sinotruck, Shaanxi Automobile, Jianghuai, Changan, FAW, Dongfeng, Geely, Uniyun, BYD, Jinbei, Tangjun Ouling, Wuzheng, John Deere, Kubota, Lexing and so on almost include all the domestic OEMs that use Axle.

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