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[Reasons for damage and deformation of automobile front axle]

Release date:Jul 27,2021 Source:Yihe Axle 

Cause analysis of front axle damage:
The vertical and lateral reaction forces generate bending moments in the vertical plane of the front axle, causing the middle part of the front axle and the kingpin hole in the vertical direction of bending, bending and bending stress near the leaf spring seat, the kingpin hole and the middle section of the front axle.

When the car turns, the outside reaction forces the front axle. The bending; The inside reaction causes the front axle to bend downward.
China's traffic regulations on the right side of the road, the right turn turning radius is small, centrifugal force is large, resulting in the left suspension force, the ground reaction force is also large, so the bending moment is large, which causes the left end of the front axle to bend upwards is greater than the right end. Upper bend, that is, the inclination of the left pin hole inclination increase, the right pin hole inclination decrease.
The direction of action of the longitudinal force of the ground is from front to back, so that the kingpin near the back bend. The resulting torque twists the axis of the kingpin hole around the longitudinal profile of the front axle, resulting in the upper end of the kingpin hole twisting forward and the lower end twisting backward.
Because the vehicle on the right, and turn right more, and in the right turn, the right wheel speed is less than the left wheel, so the right wheel by the longitudinal force is greater than the left wheel, which causes the pin hole axis forward torsion, front axle middle forward bending, middle twisting, the right is greater than the left. This is also one of the reasons why the wear of the right kingpin hole is greater than that of the left kingpin hole, and the deviation distance between the axis of the right kingpin hole and the axis of the leaf spring positioning hole (or the symmetry point of the positioning hole) is greater than that of the left.
Because of the action on the front axle. The vertical bending moment is greater than the horizontal bending moment, so the kingpin hole and. The transverse wear of the upper and lower end faces is greater than the longitudinal wear; And because of the large force on the main pin hole, the lower part of the wear is greater than. The upper part.
The above forces cause the front shaft to bend and deform, so the distance between the axis of the kingpin hole becomes smaller.
The forces acting on the front axle give the kingpin a tendency to twist in two directions in the hole. The front axle kingpin hole is a transitional fit with the kingpin. The wedge-shaped horizontal pin in the middle controls the kingpin jumping up and down and turning.
When the front axle is stressed, the kingpin can only swing with the horizontal pin as the fulcrum. Because of the large swing at both ends, the upper and lower parts of the kingpin hole wear is greater than the middle; Leaf spring seat plane, positioning hole and bolt bore wear, mainly because of leaf spring fastening bolt loose, the car in the movement, leaf spring and seat, positioning pin and bore, bolt and bore produced relative movement and caused by.
The wear and tear of automobiles is irregular because of their complex and changeable driving forces.
The force of the front axle is complex and changeable, and the vertical bending moment is the biggest. When the car brake, the front axle load increases; When the car passes the uneven road surface, the front axle is subjected to the impact load, which is easy to cause metal fatigue, and cracks occur at the maximum bending stress.

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