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Ranking of China's top 100 auto parts enterprises in 2021

Release date:Jul 14,2021 Source:Yihe Axle 

      On July 12, China Auto News held the press conference of top 100 auto parts enterprises in the world and top 100 auto parts enterprises in China in 2021. With the sales volume of 4.48 billion yuan in 2020, Zhucheng Yihe axle Co., Ltd. ranks 60th in the list of auto parts in China, with a year-on-year growth of 17.

      Over the years, in accordance with the development idea of "specialization, scale, low cost and large market", the company's products mainly support more than ten major domestic automobile manufacturers, such as BAIC Foton, Wuzheng group, China heavy duty truck, FAW, FAW, JAC, Shaanqi, XCMG, Chang'an, Dayun, BYD and Geely, and are exported to the United States, the Netherlands, Canada and other countries. In 2021, the company put forward the "125" project to lead the future development of the company, namely "one center", "two upgrades" and "five key projects".

      "One center" is to build a test center suitable for the company's product technology development“ There are two upgrades, namely management upgrade and product upgrade.

       The company issued the guidance document of "clear division of responsibilities, implement two upgrades, and promote high-quality development of enterprises", which further specified the specific work and division of responsibilities of the company in two upgrades, and pointed out the direction of transformation and upgrading“ Five key projects, namely commercial vehicle front axle lightweight project, commercial vehicle maintenance free wheel end project, passenger car brake angle assembly project, steering knuckle starting force and steering knuckle pin wear loose project, new energy micro card logistics vehicle rear axle project, should realize platform, serialization and standardization.
        During the fourteenth Five Year Plan period, Yihe axle will continue to optimize the transformation and upgrading of various business sectors. With the support and assistance of domestic and foreign experts, Yihe axle will promote technology upgrading through management upgrading, realize the steady progress and breakthrough of the company's products in these five projects, make Yihe axle's products reach international standards, move forward to a modern 10 billion enterprise, and promote the quality and brand of the axle.

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