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Precautions for repair of damaged shape of automobile front axle

Release date:Aug 11,2021 Source:Yihe Axle 

[troubleshooting of damage and deformation of automobile front axle]
When the bending deformation of the front axle is detected, it shall be corrected by cold pressing on the press. If the cold calibration fails to achieve the purpose, it can be corrected after local heating. After correction, the inspection must be repeated until it meets the provisions of the original model standard. Cold pressing correction is generally carried out in combination with inspection equipment. There are many correction methods and forms.
When the front axle is bent or distorted, the thermal calibration method can be used. After heating the part of the front axle locally to 500 ° C ~ 600 ° C, carry out manual correction
In addition, the front axle hydraulic corrector can be used for correction.

The corrector can be calibrated and inspected at the same station, which not only ensures the calibration quality, but also improves the production efficiency. When checking the wear of the front leaf spring seat, first file the burrs on the plane of the leaf spring seat with a file to ensure the measurement accuracy. Place the steel ruler in different directions of the leaf spring seat, and measure the flatness error of the seat plane with a thickness gauge.
If the flatness error is too large, it shall be leveled. When the thickness is 2mm less than the standard thickness, it can be repaired by surfacing. The flatness error of the repaired leaf spring seat shall not be greater than 0.25mm, and the flatness error of the two seats shall not be greater than 0.8mm.

Precautions for repair of damaged shape of automobile front axle

The front axle of the car is connected through the case of the suspension, and wheels are installed at both ends.
Because the front wheel is subjected to vertical force, vertical reaction force and bending moment formed by it (because both forces must be transmitted by the front axle), road resistance and lateral braking force in the horizontal direction, bending moment in the horizontal direction and torque caused by braking force need to be transmitted to the suspension through the front axle and then to the frame,
Therefore, there are the following requirements for the front axle:
It must have sufficient strength and stiffness to ensure reliable bearing and transmission of the maximum force between the wheel and the frame;
The friction between steering knuckle, kingpin and front axle shall be as small as possible;
The correct positioning angle and proper steering angle of the wheel shall be maintained;
So as to ensure the driving stability and portability of the vehicle,
Reduce tire wear to prolong the service life of the front axle.
If the front axle of the vehicle is damaged or deformed, it shall be repaired and replaced.

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