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Message on the 2022 Chinese New Year

Release date:Jan 21,2022 Source:Yihe Axle 
Dear staff,
       Everybody is good! The Year of the Tiger Spring Festival is just around the corner. I would like to extend my best wishes to you all.
        2021 is a year of complexity and opportunity. We stayed calm, responded positively, withstood the great pressure from all sides, weathered the industry trough smoothly, and started a new journey towards the goal of 10 billion yuan in the 14th five-year Plan. From workshop to team to individual, from research and development to production to sales, I have seen everyone's hard work and hard work, and I have seen a factory full of vigor and vitality. Thank you for your outstanding contributions to justice and the cause!

        Looking back on 2021, we are still full of fruits despite all the difficulties.

       This year, we spare no effort to increase the efforts of automation transformation, a total of 150 million yuan invested in technical transformation, the level of automation equipment in the branches of the continuous improvement, digital, intelligent manufacturing initial results. The newly established automation equipment Business Division has been incorporated into related transactions, taking a professional route in automation equipment homemade, equipment overhaul and maintenance, mold and tooling design and manufacturing, etc., and cultivating professional talents. It plans to enter the domestic market within three to five years, opening a new chapter of our digitalization and intelligent transformation.

        Digitization, intelligence, automation, information, these frequently used words represent the trend will become the dominant future. We strive to joint venture with excellent enterprises at home and abroad, strive to become a high-tech enterprise in automation, to promote the automation level of all branches, to create green, environmental protection factories.

       I  firmly believe that if you want to achieve something, you must have a strong belief and a determination to think and do it. It is gratified that we have a group of outstanding young people, you dare to think, dare to do, dare to work hard, righteousness and the cause will continue and inherit in your hands.

      God rewards those who work hard and the future is promising. 

      Let's meet new challenges and climb new heights together.

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