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Is boarding axle and axle the same product?

Release date:May 28,2021 Source:Yihe Axle 

The bridge and the bridge are two different things, except for the name similar, nothing else.
The bridge is a special auxiliary equipment used for the bridge between forklift and freight car, which is convenient for loading and unloading goods to realize the rapid loading and unloading of goods.

The axle is the automobile parts, divided into the front axle and the rear axle!

Front axle (automobile front axle) quality characteristics:

1. Front axle design strength matching: front axle bearing capacity;
2. Front axle material: generally 40Cr
3. Front axle heat treatment hardness hrc26-32:
3. Axis flatness of pin hole and leaf spring hole: that is, the axes of four holes are in one plane;
4. Front axle inclination: generally 7-8 ° The interior is the best, too small influence driving stability and direction return to the right; Too large leads to heavy direction and abnormal wear of joint;
5. Pin hole diameter: small interference fit is the best; Clearance coordination leads to looseness, shaking and tire eating.

The quality characteristics of the above front axle can be judged on site

Radial jump: the oil and air brake drum can adjust the brake clearance to the minimum for judgment;
The specific runout of the air brake drum can be detected by a certain detection hole of the brake and a feeler gauge;
End jump: specific data can be detected by reference and feeler gauge;
Static balance: the front wheel can be lifted to loosen the bearing preload and rotate the brake drum to determine the degree of imbalance;
Hardness: the front axle brake drum can be changed from left to right to determine the difference;
Strength: check the grain size of the failure section to determine whether the front axle strength meets the requirements.

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