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How to solve the problem of brake drum cracking

Release date:Jan 19,2022 Source:Yihe Axle 

What is brake drum cracking

     For vehicles with drum brake structure, especially heavy trucks, trailers and engineering vehicles, under the conditions of frequent braking, large braking force and water cooling, long-term use causes the brake drum to heat and produce small cracks. As a professional automobile axle manufacturer, Yihe axle has been troubled by this failure mode for many years.

     In order to solve the crack problem of brake drum in the market, Yihe axle took this problem as a subject in the process of cooperation with German experts, and jointly studied and solved it. Under the guidance of German experts, Yihe axle standardized the casting process in terms of casting parts. At present, Yihe axle has mastered the German casting standard of brake drum and front wheel hub, At the same time, the brake drum and front wheel hub cast according to the German standard were put on the market for verification. No fault information was received in the verification process. Finally, an advanced formula to solve the crack of the brake drum was extracted. With the batch launch of subsequent products, the user's use cost was reduced to a great extent. The launch of high-quality products has further improved the professional image of Yihe axle as a professional automobile axle manufacturer.

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