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How to calculate the cost of truck axle products?

Release date:Jun 23,2021 Source:Yihe Axle 

1. How to hold the cost analysis meeting.

The cost analysis will be conducted in turn in the branch plant, starting from the agricultural machinery axle branch plant.

The directors of each professional branch are required to learn the company's financial accounting knowledge and straighten out the accounting mode of the axle cost structure, such as the internal cost, manufacturing cost, management cost and direct material specification corresponding to the sales of Yihe axle company. The directors of each professional branch and the accountants are required to straighten out the clear internal cost structure and figure out what the axle gross profit rate is? What is the proportion of axle variable cost to production cost? How to calculate the profit margin? What is inventory turnover days? How to calculate the days of inventory turnover for each branch? The director and accountant of each professional branch must go deep into the site, fully understand the internal operation of each branch, and report item by item at the cost analysis meeting. At the next cost analysis meeting, each branch will first report its own internal problems and requirements.

2. Do things right all at once. We need to think deeply about this concept.

It is easy to say and difficult to do things right at one time. How to do things right at one time and do things well at one time is a system engineering.

3. Statistical analysis and improvement of three guarantees core parts in axle Market.

The director of each branch factory is the person in charge, and each branch factory establishes a good organization by market and parts, and sorts out and  the reasons for axle return. How much is returned in each market and how much is returned in a year? Each branch collects the product failure mode data, speaks by data, collects and evaluates a form every month, and submits it to the enterprise management department.
① The high-quality development of vehicle and bridge enterprises should build up various standards;
② High quality development of vehicle and axle enterprises should have innovation ability;
③ High quality development of vehicle and bridge enterprises must have the ability to match the whole social environment;
④ High quality development of axle enterprises, products and technology in the market to be competitive;
⑤ High quality axle enterprises should have a global vision;
⑥ The development of high quality axle should have a good organizational structure and framework;
⑦ There must be a set of index assessment system for high quality development of axle.

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