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How important it is to select a good axle

Release date:Feb 11,2023 Source:Yihe Axle 

    With the development of the automobile industry, in recent years, the fuel-efficient and lightweight is becoming the issues that have attracted the attention of automobile manufacturers.

  In order to cope with automobile manufacturers, some axle producer choose the axle parts which in poor quality. Although it seems to meet the requirements of lightweight, but actually it cannot reach the service life, safety performance and other indicators. Blindly on cutting something which need to achieve the purpose of lightweight.

    When this product enters the market, maybe it will cause a great trouble to the users who buy the car because it brings great safety hazards to the safe driving.


High-quality brand in Shandong, China

      Shandong Yihe Axles CO., Ltd. selected the steel produced by the domestic regular high-quality steel factory and the lubricating grease produced by the high-quality petrochemical factory.

     In order to ensure that the product material meets the safety performance requirements, and directly cooperates with the manufacturer to produce products with controlled process and costs.

Under the effect of high-quality lubricating grease, the overall service life of the axles is much more longer and the noise is lower too. It also fundamentally solved the worries from consumers, and got the trust by relying on long quality assurance and good after services.

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